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PPSO® Day 1 Online Course


This 12 hour online training program is an excellent stand-alone course in the fundamentals of pool and spa operation. It’s also a great way to get started on earning your official PPSO® Certification. Purchase price includes the PHTA® PPSO® manual and an official “course certificate” upon successful completion of the online course.


NOTE: The PPSO Day-1 “course certificate” is proof that you have completed the initial 12 hour course. It is not the same as PPSO Certification.


For full PPSO certification, you must:

  1. Complete the “Day-1” on-line course. (Or attend a LIVE “Day-1” course.)
  2. Purchase and attend a “Day-2” 8-hr LIVE course, presented by a certified PPSO instructor.
  3. Present your PPSO Day-1 verification certificate to the Day-2 instructor.
  4. Pass the examination in the Day-2 live class.
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