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Swimming Pool Equipment Repair Training and Certification

Our Equipment Repair Training consists of CST®, CSP® and CHHT® courses. It’s perfect for anyone of the following job responsibilities:

  1. Pool technician

  2. Hot tub technician

Specific Options (or modules, if applicable)

For Equipment Repair training, as we have mentioned earlier there are three courses you can take; CST®, CSP® and CHHT®..

Certified Service Technician (CST®)

After completing this pool technician certification course, you will be able to:

  • Explain common problems with pool finishes and how to repair them.

  • Keep pools running more efficiently with a better understanding of circulation, filtration, hydraulics and electricity.

  • Grow your practical knowledge and gain troubleshooting skills and resources.

  • Distinguish yourself as an experienced and knowledgeable service technician.

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Certified Service Professional (CSP®)

The CSP® certification shows potential customers as well as potential employers that you have the knowledge and skills that set you apart from the rest. This nationally recognized designation can help you raise confidence among customers, and increase your visibility with pool and spa manufacturers, distributors and buying groups.

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Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT®)

The Certified Hot Tub Technician program covers the essentials of servicing portable and permanently installed hot tubs and spas, and equipment repair and replacement.


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